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Cacti plants well renowned for their amazing flowers, unusual formations and their irresistible spines. Many cacti’s have evolved to survive the harsh dry dessert and mountain environments, in turn this makes them well suited to indoor planting.

Some common problems for the cacti is:

  • poor color – poor lighting
  • rotting / collapse – over watering
  • elongated shape – poor lighting
  • scarring – sunburn mechanical damage
  • scale – spray with pest oil
  • mould infections – spray with a fungicide, keep dry.
  • red spider mite – raise humidity & ventilation move outside and spray with Neem.
  • Mealybug – dab with mentholated spirits if minor
  • Scale – spray with pest oil

Do Not Put In Bathroom – Cacti don’t like humidity


Most cacti species are tolerant to extreme temperatures and will survive cold weather long winters as long as they are kept dry. A cool dry winter will sometime promote a lovely spring flower.


Slow release Osmocote food – make sure low in nitriogen – this is best for healthy strong growth and excellent flowering

Best to feed your cacti when they are actively growing – not in cold winters

When it comes to feeding remember larger fast growing ones will require more food than the slower smaller cacti species.


when it comes to watering your cacti give is a good soak and then let it almost dry out.

Cacti on a sunny porch window will require more soaking twice a week in summer than once a month in the cooler months that have less sun (winter).

Cacti potting mix will need to be open and well draining, special cacti and succulent mix is recommended.
Remember sunlight is important and essential to a better shape, flower and spine formation in your cacti. Spines are protection from sunburn it is the hairy and closely spines species that require the brightest light. Shop Online

Plants on window sills will grow more symmetrically if they are rotated regularly.

Take care of your cacti and enjoy them as they will grow better flower more and live much longer with tender loving care.