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Carnivorous Plants

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What is a Carnivorous plant?

come see my gardenA carnivorous plant is a plant that eats small insects to obtain nutrients not available to them in their natural environment.








Carnivorous plants come form wetlands with poor soils and can also be epiphytics (on trees) in the rainforests.

Carnivorous Species

Venus Fly Trap – The trap closes by triggering of fine hair. They hate being teased and being made to close. Remove spent traps and keep damp.

Pitcher Plant – The insect crawls into the tube and cannot get out due to the fine hairs down the tube. Pitcher plants need to be kept damp and in a sunny position
Sundews – have sticky hairy leaves that trap the insects. Some Sundews have flowers too.

Carnivorous plants prefer very well lit spots indoors. A sunny window sill is perfect. You will need a dish with water under them to keep them moist. Water by refilling this dish. Never feed your carnivorous plant fertilizer nor force feed them insects as it is unnecessary.

Many carnivorous plants will be dormant in winter and come good in warmer months, care for them as usual.

come see my garden


Enjoy your plants!