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How to Water Your Pot Plants

So we have been asked a few times how to water you pot plants?

Its funny becuase every plant is different and therefore its a very valid question when it comes to looking after your pot plants.

We follow these simple steps:

  1. Ensure you plants are not sitting in a saucer of water if you have one under them. If you have a swamp or water plant they will be fine to sit in the water. There are plenty of ways to keep you plant from sitting in water – pebbles or rocks or pot feet
  2. Always water slowly so you can see the water soak into the soil
  3. To ensure watering properly and well enough make sure you see the water run from the drain holes in your pot. If you have not seen this yet you may have not been giving your plant enough water.
  4. If your plants are really dry try filling a bucket with water and putting your pot into this water submerged and watch the bubbles rise to the surface. When the bubbles stop take the pot out and let it drain.

These are just a few steps to helping you water your pots the best you can and hopefully keep your pants beautiful and green for a lot longer to enjoy!