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What are Epiphytes?

“Air Plants”

Known as Tillandsia these plants are epiphytes, which means they attach themselves to trees or logs and rocks. they need very little soil to survive. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and they are amazingly beautiful. Some have really bizarre shapes, forms and still look amazing.
Air plants come from South America and the Southern states of the USA in every climate from lowland tropical forest to high up in the Andes Mountains.

Air plants (tillandsia) obtain all the water from humidity. Tillandsia roots only serve as an anchor to their hosts to ensure they are attached. These traits make the air plants very forgiving and ensure them to be extremely easy to care for.

Air plants require almost no attention except a daily spray of mist (water from an atomiser) in the warmer months.

ONLY spray air plants a couple of times a week in winter. Plants that are located in bathrooms will need less as they are within a humid environment and will get what they need from these conditions.

Air plants love bright lit spaces but NOT in direct sunlight as this will burn their leaves. Air plants are great for terrariums living off the humidity alone.

It is important that they are not touching the soil or the side of the glass.

When growing your air plant (tillandsia) on wood or pieces of rock using wire, make sure you do not use copper wire as this can poison them.

Enjoy you plants!

come see my garden